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Ten Priorities

Vision Imparting quality education to the students in order to mold them into academically superior, socially committed, ethically strong and culturally rich citizens.
Infrastructure Providing suitable and state-of-the-art infrastructure to ensure academic eminence.
Faculty Development Exposing the faculty to career orientation, research environment and social needs to motivate them to be committed teachers.
Student’s Survey Classifying and coaching the students in accordance with their varied potentials to attain high distinction.
Research and Development Conducting relevant research projects to upgrade the standard of living of the society at large.
Human Excellence Elevating the students to a higher level of excellence in their entire endeavor by training the intellect and refining the heart.
Career Guidance Improving employ-ability of the students by exposing them to all possible avenues including entrepreneurship.
Placement Providing multidimensional guidance to make the students employable.
Sports & Games Facilitating the sports talents to maintain a sound mind in a sound body.
Social Orientation Creating an awareness to be humane, and uphold unity in diversity.