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The purpose of HR Club is to bring together students interested in the field of Human Resources Management, help them develop interpersonal skills needed in the corporate world. Encourage them to meet professionals who work in the field of Human Resources Management. This club is designed to help students learn more about Human Resource and what Human Resource Professionals do.
The club promotes the active participation of the students. The HR students take the lead in arranging the events. This enables in developing the students to plan and arrange for the events successfully. The club activities are organized in a regular basis to promote the team spirit and implement the HR concepts practically.

As a club, we bring together some of the brightest minds, interested in exploring the ever changing dynamics of marketing. The club aims at keeping members abreast with the latest on marketing while integrating the vast experience of its members across  functions and industries such as  advertising, research, sales, branding communication and  digital marketing to name a few.

The Finance Club merges the corporate and academic aspects of this sector providing a deep insight into finance as a whole. The central focus of the club is to cultivate interest among the students towards the finance sector as well as promote it as a viable career option post their engineering degree. The club being in its nascent stages aims to grow into one of the finer institute clubs.

Information Systems club is open to all students with an interest in Information Systems, Information Technology, and their applications in business and other related domains. The club’s purpose is to provide a common ground for students who are interested in IS / IT to network with their peers, industry practitioners and alumni that help them to prepare better for a career in Information Systems.

The Club is the hub for operations interest at SIIMS. Various initiatives are taken to ensure the seamless transfer of knowledge and to tackle the challenges posed globally to these sectors. Our focus is on getting the insight in business strategy as well as the intersection of these fields with investment banking, private equity, and consulting. Our goal is to utilise the knowledge and efforts of today’s business leaders to create the executives, entrepreneurs and policymakers of tomorrow.

The Shipping and Logistics Club brings together students interested in sharing contemporary issues in logistics systems and management. The club is focused on careers in logistics systems, networking with professionals in the field, using and developing current technologies that help reduce costs in logistics based services. It seeks to institutionalize the process of research/project works which a logistics based industry would like to be done by the students/research staffs/Professors.



The SIIMS Debate club encourages students to learn and communicate in English through activity based learning, competitions and debate forums. Students are initially grouped into teams and will speak for and against with the given topic. On specific Saturday programs, individuals are pitted against each other and the moderator decides the best performance. The club serves as a great platform to shed inhibitions, improve self confidence and public speaking skills.

The Rotaract Club is the youth wing of the Rotary International, one of the premier service organizations of the world. Rotaract brings together adults ages 18-30 to take action in their communities, develop their leadership and professional skills, and have fun. Rotary clubs sponsor them, but Rotaract members manage and fund their clubs independently. SIIMS has an exclusive Rotaract Club functioning effectively since its inception.

The main object is to enhance reading habits and provide opportunity to keep reading and learning new things. The club aims to enhance knowledge, build interactions and gives platform for sharing the views on varied topics.

The club aims at bringing out constructively the creative talents inherent in the young students and staff members. It Educates and Motivates the students to participate in competitions at College, University and State Levels. Club leads the students away from the monotonous routine and gives them an opportunity to refresh periodically.