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The  Entrepreneurship  Development  Cell (EDC)  was started  with  the  object  of  promoting specialized knowledge in the field of entrepreneurship development. In view of the worldwide  shortage  of  jobs  (both  government  and private sectors)  leading to  unemployment  problems and lack of proper utilization of human resources; the cell strives to identify talented youth to  entrepreneurial works. The cell plans to organise various programmes regarding entrepreneurship development.


  • Creating awareness among the students of SIIMS regarding entrepreneurship as a career option
  • To channelize the knowledge and the energy of youth towards becoming active partners in the economic development process.
  • To catalyze and promote development of knowledge-based and innovation-driven enterprises and promote employment opportunities amongst youth specially students.
  • To inculcate a culture of innovation driven entrepreneurship.


  • Conduct training programmes in the field of  entrepreneurial skill development 
  • To organize Entrepreneurship Awareness Camps, Entrepreneurship Development Programmes and Faculty Development Programmes in the region for the benefit of the students and faculty
  • To arrange visits to industries for prospective entrepreneurs
  • To organize guest lectures, Seminars, etc. for promotion and growth of entrepreneurship.
  • To extend necessary guidance and escort services to the trainees in obtaining approval and execution of their projects.
  • To conduct research work and survey for identifying entrepreneurial opportunities 
  • To develop and introduce curriculum on Entrepreneurship Development
  • To motivate, support and mentor students for identification, development and commercialization of their innovative ideas.
  • To guide and assist prospective entrepreneurs on various aspects such as preparing project reports, obtaining project approvals, loans and facilities from agencies of support system, information on technologies, etc.
  • To arrange interaction with entrepreneurs, bankers, professionals, potential customers and create a mentorship scheme for student innovators.