Sakthi Institute of Information and Management Studies

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Academic Head Desk

Dr. R. Thiyagu

Head (Academics)

It is with great honor and pleasure I invite you all to SIIMS where academic and personality development is taken with utmost skill and care. The departments are highly competent and efficient in each of their respective academics and extracurricular activities including sports, arts and various clubs and committees. Each department strives to provide students with the skills they need to reach their greatest potential.

SIIMS’ teaching methods are the result of cutting-edge research and the guidance of seasoned educators. The students enjoy the learning process through theories and fun experiments. Students benefit greatly from the detailed and instructional industrial visits, both national and international, as they build confidence and expertise in their subject. It teaches them how to put what they have learned into practice in society.

Academic excellence is not the only focus for us. We strive for each student’s personal growth as an individual and as a responsible, sensible citizen of our country. At SIMMS, we strive to fulfill the responsibilities of a mentor in the most effective manner possible, so that each student’s professional, personal, and social lives are enriched.

I welcome you all with great pleasure to SIIMS and attain boundless knowledge and wisdom to guide our nation to great lengths.