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GENO 2024


PG : Events

Best Management Team:
  • Maximum four participants per team.
  • A team can nominate only one member from the team for the participation in the prelims.
  • Two participants should be nominated from each team for the second round, excluding the member selected for the prelims.
  • All members can participate with predefined roles and responsibilities in the final round.

Ad Zap:
  • Maximum Four participants per team.
  • Participants can choose a product / service of their own.
  • Professional language to be used.
  • Ethical practices should be followed while presentation.
Business Proposal Presentation:
  • Maximum Three participants per team.
  • Participants can choose any type of proposed business of their own.
  • Professional language to be used.
  • Ethical innovative business ideas should be presented during presentation.

UG : Events

  • It’s a solo competition.
  • Maximum 5 participants per institution.
  • Maximum time duration is 5 minutes.
  • Only Devotional / Patriotic songs are allowed.
  • Cinema songs with respectable lyrics.
  • Participants can bring the instruments if needed (Karaoke is allowed).
Treasure Hunt:
  • Maximum three participants.
  • Leader has to be selected by each team at the time of registration.
  • Participants cannot use wallets, mobile phones and other communication devices.
  • Entire team must stay together and cannot split up to find different clues.
  • It’s a solo competition.
  • Any type of camera can be used.
  • Original image (JPEG Format) taken during the competition alone must be submitted with time and date.
  • Do not use any watermarks.
  • Edited photography will not be considered for the competition.
  • Image details must be compulsory, like: Image Size, Device name & Model.
Facial Painting:
  • Two participants per team.
  • Participants should bring their own materials.
  • Time limit is 60 minutes.
  • Theme will be given on the spot
  • Maximum six participants per team.
  • Can select any one of the themes: 1. Social awareness, 2. Tributes to great personalities.
  • Maximum time allowed is 8 minutes.
  • Background music, if any should be submitted to the registration desk in pen drive on day of event.
  • No props/instruments are allowed.
  • Offensive/ obscene content should be avoided.