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        Over a Decade the Institution has emerged as one of the most favoured destination for hiring management Talent from the Campuses. The underlying objective for higher education is to create and transfer knowledge for the upliftment of Society.

SIIMS again retains its record in the list of City’s Top Premier B-school by reaffirming and justifying in the student placements during the Placement season.SIIMS holds the record of successful placement since inception. With new emerging and challenging job market even after the recent downturn it has benefited its Stakeholders by inviting some of the big names of corporate to  the campus to recruit Management Graduates from our b-school .As the centre for Training & Placement, we are completely focussed in inviting companies to the campus to recruit nurtured talents from our esteemed campus. All the activities of the centre are led and organized by members of Student core Committee which has pool of students from different specializations who pursue their studies in their final year.

We are completely focussed on inviting corporate from various Arena in order to create opportunities available for students in the competitive market. The companies visited the campus during the  years are ICICI,HCL, Accenture, ICICI Securities,ITC, Wipro, RBS,HDFC bank, IndusInd bank, Colgate, Sresta, Axis Securities, ABT Foods, Sakthi Finance, FACE, IDBI, Novatium , PPTS and many more. During the successful years the companies visiting the campus for recruitment drive  has multiplied itself. The mantra of Success behind the gain of reputation amongst competitors is simply by its proven programs, Trained and Experienced Faculty members and talented student members in the campus. Every year new companies enrol itself into the institution placement partners list for recruitment of fresh talents from our Esteemed B-school.

Our students occupy higher positions in Multinationals, Corporates, PSUs and other organisations with excellent compensation packages.

The Recruitment drive@ campus created a milestone by offering placements in companies through different domain by recruiting our budding talents. We have successfully tapped the opportunities available in the market with the scope and spectrum of Campus Drive. Students placed were from different arena of Specialization offered at SIIMS business School.

Placement RECAP (2011-2016)

Batch (2011-2012) -   75% 

Batch (2012-2013) -  79% 

Batch (2013-2014) - 82 % 

Batch (2014-2015) -  95% 

Batch (2015-2016) - 100% 

Our Regular Recruitment Partners


Placements so far Academic year 2016-2017

STUDENTS PLACED – 100 %*        




In order to enhance the employability skills among the students, SIIMS focuses on

  1. Create an ecosystem to help identify employability gaps, provide quantitative and qualitative feedback at various levels, in a constructive manner.
  2. Provide Vocational and skill based courses which can help their enhance niche (Unique) skills required      in corporate if looking for specific skills.
  3. Making student aware of his or her strengths and areas of improvement so that we can work in the right direction to enhance their employability.
  4. Providing better solutions to understand what business need to know what business is all about believe      in creating best infrastructure and best environment for learning
  5. Entrepreneurship should be given high importance and students wanting to be entrepreneurs, will be encouraged by giving them right skills.
  6. Providing enough opportunities to raise student awareness for developing and practicing employability skills in the competitive market
  7. Supporting students in taking responsibility for their personal, Professional and Academic Development.
  8. Initiate internship programs that would allow students to experience real life work environment and enhance their skills (Professional Life)
  9. Focussing on employability skills like communication, decision making, time management, Team building activities will be of immense help to the students.
  10. Keep updating and refreshing the knowledge by creating or channelling through peer learning and through closed groups .
  11. To increase the visibility of employability within our academic, support services and Student culture.
  12. By facilitating industry visits and Inviting distinguished speakers to add value in our programs.    


  • PLS/FLS (Peer Learning System/Faculty Learning System)
  • CBP (Capacity Building Programme)
  • CEP (Community Engagement Project)
  • CAP (Continuous Assessment Programme)
  • CRT (Campus Recruitment Training)
  • Communication & English Fluency
  • Aptitude Training
  • Mock GD
  • Mock Interview
  • JAM (Just A Minute)
  • BUZ-QUZ (Business Quiz WhatsApp Group)
  • Flash News (Business News Discussion)
  • P3 (Prepare-Participate-Prosper) - Subject wise Field Visit
  • Coffee with CTP
  • Grooming
  • I am Shameless (Table Topic Discussion)
  • SEP (Student Exchange Programme)
  • LEAD
  • CMP (Corporate Mentoring Programme)
  • OBT (Outbound Training)
  • Academic/Non-Academic Club Activities
  • Internal & External Participation in Programs
  • Certification Courses/Specialization based Verticals
  • Consultancy Projects
  • SIIMS STEP (SIIMS – Student Entrepreneurship Programme)
  • EIP (Entrepreneurship Immersion Programme)
  • Talent Connect
  • SPS (Student Project Scheme)
  • Paper Presentation in Seminars & Conferences
  • Case Study Analysis
  • Brand Yourself